Rex and double rex rats available.

Rex are $10.00

Double Rex $15.00

Banded Egyptian Cobras-Naja annulifera 2017 Babies females only available. $125 each plus shipping.


If your state requires a permit we will ask to see it and call to verify that it is still current.

For shipping venomous, minimum order is $150.

We accept Paypal or credit card by phone as payment.

Shipping for venomous is $110 with no box charge and is thru Delta via airport to airport.

If you are looking for a particular animal feel free to call, email, or message through facebook and we will get back with you.

Northern Copperheads-Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen CB 2017 both sexes available. Possiable het for spotted.   $50 each plus shipping.

13 year old CBB Male Red Footed Tortoise. He is $300 plus shipping.

Desert Hairy Scorpion $30 each plus shipping.

Formosa Island-Naja naja kaouthia 2018 babies both sexes available.

They are $200 each plus shipping.

We offer wholesale pricing for pet stores on all animals and equipment. Just contact us for a quote.

Yearling Prairie Rattlesnakes-Crotalus viridis viridisMales available. $50 each plus shipping.

CBB Ornate Box Turtle babies-Terrapeneornata ornata. They are eating meal worms, veggies, and Mazuir box turtle diet. They are $150 each plus shipping.

Vietnamese Centipede $30 each plus shipping.

Western Cottonmouth-Agikistrodon piscivorus leucostoma cb 2017 female East Texas locale.

$40  plus shipping

CB 2017 Western Diamondback babies-Crotalus atrox. Both sexes are available. $40 each plus shipping.