Current Licenses and Permits held by Best Exotics LLC

USDA Class B Dealer License

Texas Commerical Controlled Exotic Snake Permit

Texas NonGame Dealer Permit

Pennsylvania Aquaculture Dealer License

FDA Investigational New Drug License

City of Pasadena TX Pet Shop Permit

Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit

Oklahoma Sales and Use Tax Permit

Louisiana Reptile and Amphibian Dealer

We work with some small mammals.


June 23-24 HERPS Longview, TX

We have a varity of reptile handling equipment.

Sean Trimbach has been breeding snakes since he was a young boy and started working with venomous snakes and exotics when he turned eighteen. Sean and his wife Bonnie decided to make Best Exotics a LLC in 2007 while living in Ohio. The state laws that were passed in Ohio forced them to move since they did not want to give up their animals. Therefore, in September of 2015 they moved to Texas with their two boys and all of their animals.They have reptile handling equipment, as well as captive born venomous and nonvenomous snakes, small exotic mammals, and some exotic birds. They are a private breeding facility that is not open to the public.

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We breed and sell venomous and non venomous snakes,and tortoises.